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About Barista Hustle

Barista Hustle is the industry’s leading online barista training provider. Our portfolio of educational resources and barista classes have reached over a million unique viewers. All our coffee based barista training is centred around engagement and innovation. We have a barista course for every aspect of the specialty coffee industry, from milk science and latte art, to advanced coffee making. In our huge video archive, you will find a collection of barista training videos relating to all areas of the coffee world.

At BH it is our mission to demystify coffee and barista training and to make barista classes more informative and more accessible. Every barista course we offer includes a set of challenging assessments that give learners the chance to earn a certification. This credential offers baristas a far-reaching proof that they have crossed the baseline for professional barista standards. This formal certification adds to the career capital of a learner, and provides evidence to employers and to clients that a barista has traversed the vast array of literature that we profile in all our online barista training modules.

For each barista course a learner completes they can choose to make their certifications publicly visible. This helps to strengthen a CV and Barista Hustle’s reputation as researchers

and barista course providers should provide that credibility to anyone looking to pursue a career as a coffee professional.

In addition to individual barista course sales, we offer unlimited access to all our online barista training resources through a monthly subscription. This economical option includes access to the latest chapters of our newest material. It includes unlimited access to our full video archive and subscribers receive 100% free access to our events and lectures. It’s not just online barista courses we offer at BH, we also arrange regular events and lectures from prominent industry professionals as well as from our own founder and CEO Matter Perger. Matt Perger is a two time world champion barista and personally features in dozens of our barista training videos.

BH Tools – All BH product design is the direct result of Matt Perger’s experience as a barista, roaster and trainer. He personally oversees all the drafting and prototyping of our barista tools. In addition to our iconic tamper design, most recently we have introduced a range of cupping bowls which are stackable, lightweight and almost indestructible. Our designs are intended to complement our online barista training by presenting to our learners, an example of the precision and craftsmanship which we aim to elicit in all our barista classes.

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