Published: Jan 30, 2017

The Coffee Compass

We published the original Coffee Compass in 2017 and it has been used by tens of thousands of readers since then. In September, 2021 we re-released the Coffee Compass as an interactive app. The app takes the guesswork out of dialling in, and makes it easier than ever before to perfect your filter coffee brewing.

The following post features the Brewed Coffee Compass in its original format. It’s very simple to use. Here’s what to do:

  1. Brew a coffee.
  2. Taste it.
  3. If you experience any negative flavours, find them on the map (left).
  4. Those flavours are now the centre of the compass (right).
  5.  Find the direction you need to travel in order to get back in the green.
  6. When you brew the next cup, do whatever that arrow says.
  7. Rinse and repeat.

Enjoy, and please let me know how you go!

Hi resolution version here.


Please note, this compass doesn’t:
– work for espresso.
– take into account that your coffee might be of poor quality or roasted badly.
– care about brewing temperature. Just use boiling water.

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  1. Matt

    Guys I, struggling with pour over. I used this beautiful chart but when I move from one side to the other I could never get close to the centre. It’s either or! I did Kalita 185, V60, Origami. I used Baratza Encore, EKG Kettle, Acaia Scale, and of course high quality beans. I suspect there is some issue with my pouring method perhaps. I tired Hoffman, George Howell method. I would appreciate if you give me some tips and guidance or possibly some Detailed recipe?

    • Tegan Britt

      Here’s the method I use:

      15:1 ratio // 23 g of coffee // 350 g of water.
      Ideal time is usually around 3:30, but every coffee has its nuances.

      01 Wet filter.
      02 Add coffee and 40-50 g of water — 1st pour.
      03 Wait 30-40 secs, pour 100 g of water in a circular motion — your 2nd pour. You should be around 150 g total.
      04 Next pour is 100 g straight down the center — your 3rd pour.
      05 Final pour is 100 g around the entire filter, get every ounce of coffee wet — your 4th pour. You should finish at 350 g.

      Your timing should look like this:
      1st pour at 0 (the beginning).
      2nd pour at 40-45.
      3rd pour at 1:30.
      Last pour at 2:30.

      Hope this helps. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help. Hang in there, it’s worth finding that perfect cup! Cheers.

    • Big fish

      I know this is from a long time ago, but I will share my method if you’re still having trouble.

      1:17 ratio/ 13g of coffee – 225g of water.
      I use a Hario v60 with Hario paper filters.
      I grind my coffee with a Baratza Encore.
      I have my water at 94° C
      I usually use light roasted coffee.

      1. Wet filter/rinse filter
      2. add coffee,
      3. first, pour (0 sec) – 40 g of water, swirl with a spoon
      4. wait 30 sec and pour again (30sec) – 80 g of water (120g total)
      5. wait 30 sec again (1min), and add more water – 60 g (180g total)
      6. wait 30 sec again for the last pour (1:30), pour the last 45 g of coffee to a total of 225 g
      6. it should be done around 2-3 min.

      All pours should be in a circular motion
      since there isn’t a lot of water it’s a small cup

      Hope it helps, feel free to ask any questions 🙂

      • BHLearn

        It’s never too late to post Big Fish 😀 Looks like an excellent recipe.

  2. Coco

    Which setting for the Encore and ratio did you land on, and what brew method are you using?

  3. Zahir Hussain

    No doubt, the post is incredible and informational also. Every time I read your blog I just stuck with the content of a post that how easily you describe each and every aspect of the topic of the post.
    Great inspiration for me.
    I literally have been meaning to research how to make cold-brew coffee at home, so this makes me VERY HAPPY. You’re basically the best.

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