PC 2.09 Recap and Glossary

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  • Coffee processing needs to commence within a day of the harvest being taken in. 
  • Winnowing, sifting, and flotation are methods employed to ensure the only products to move into the depulper are 100% coffee cherries. 
  • Flotation removes partially dried and overripe cherry.
  • Ripe and unripe cherries will sink. 
  • Underripe cherry can only be removed by hand separation, colorimetric sorters, or water-intensive screen pulpers. 
  • Portable drum pulpers and screen pulpers became widely available in the mid-nineteenth century. 
  • Drum pulpers use a bulbed roller which is traditionally horizontal. Cherries are pulped between the drum and a pulping bar.
  • Disk pulpers push cherries up against a spinning disk. 
  • Screen pulpers retain unripe cherries that are too hard to pass through the gap in the screen. 
  • Environmentally friendly dry pulping, which doesn’t use water to wash the cherry through the system, is practical only when cherries are 100% ripe.



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