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Dry Milling

PC 7.02 An Interview with Marta Dalton

  • Marta Dalton is the founder of the green coffee sourcing company Coffee Bird — a women led ethical green bean sourcing company started in 2011. Coffee Bird specialises in coffees from Guatemala and neighbouring El Salvador. Marta’s family farm, Finca Filadelfia is the oldest coffee farm in Antigua, dating back to 1864. The Dalton family have farmed there for six generations, winning the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence competition twice! Together with her mother and business partner Columba, Marta and the Coffee Bird team are focussed on ‘bringing the finest specialty Guatemalan coffee to the world whilst ensuring a sustainable future for producers and all those along the supply chain.’ Barista Hustle – With regard to Coffee Bird’s coffee producers, what usually happens to the parchment coffee after it has finished drying? How much time usually elapses between drying and dry milling? (Is there an ideal length of time?)Marta Dalton – After coffee is dried, coffee is stored in a warehouse. It will wait there before taken to the dry mill. Some farmers store their parchment in grain pro. Traditionally many farms have 30 days before milling. My cousin tries to mill asap, because he works with a lot of coffee, and wants to mill the coffee before the weather changes increasing the moisture. Another customer of mine in North Carolina, would always request for coffee to be milled immediately, debunking the resposo myth.