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The Coffee Buyer's Guide To


Welcome to the first in our series of Buyer’s Guides. This course will be published in biweekly updates over the next couple of months. Each We look at the history of coffee production in each country and see how it affects the way coffee is made today. This first course in this series focuses on Guatemala.

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Baseline Courses

Become a certified professional barista

Barista One

Barista One is a course that guides newcomers to a professional standard in just twenty hours. It’s an espresso course and certification which teaches you everything you need to know about working effectively in a modern cafe.

Course: 58 lessons in 8 chapters
Certification: Yes


Percolation brew methods allow you to produce the most velvety and clarified brews which is what makes this style of coffee beverage, the most thirst quenching and delicious of them all. This course explores the science of …

Course: 46 lessons in 8 chapters
Certification: Yes


Immersion is an online coffee course that explores the best techniques and recipes. Immersion brew methods vary greatly from one to the next and in this ambitious course, we look at everything, from French press to syphon coffee.

This course is in production and can be accessed with a BH Unlimited subscription. New lessons are added biweekly.

Advanced Courses

Acquire in-depth knowledge and certify your studies

Advanced Coffee Making

This Course & Certification is geared towards the coffee professional or home barista looking to enhance and expand their current coffee knowledge. This course will equip you with the necessary tools and information …

Course: 87 lessons in 8 chapters
Certification: Yes

Milk Science & Latte Art

Latte art has gone from an occasional novelty in third-wave coffee shops to a signature of modern coffee culture. It’s no longer just the domain of specialty coffee; it’s been widely adopted all around the world, practiced from the …

Course: 72 lessons in 8 chapters
Certification: Yes

The Water Course

The Water Course is a first of its kind, designed to give baristas and cafe owners everything they need to take charge of their water chemistry. Absorbing this information will save you thousands in potential maintenance costs …

Course: 44 lessons in 6 chapters
Certification: Yes

Coffee Quality Control

Coffee Quality Control is a complete course on how to taste and grade coffee. It is a course designed for baristas, roasters and green buyers. It’s for anyone in the coffee chain directly responsible for coffee flavour.

Course: 46 lessons in 7 chapters
Certification: Yes

Advanced Espresso

Advanced espresso looks into the latest innovations in modern barista technique and recent developments in machine and grinder engineering. It also dives deep into the physics of espresso extractions …

Course: 80 lessons in 10 chapters
Certification: Yes

Specialized Courses

Specialise your field of study and get certified


Great coffee is the result of a plant’s genotype and the terroir that surrounds it. The environmental factors of climate, soil, and farming techniques combine to create the terroir of a coffee farm. In this course, we learn about how coffee is …

Course: 51 lessons in 7 chapters
Certification: Yes


Processing is the second in a series of courses from Barista Hustle about coffee origin. Processing picks up where the Terroir course left off — at the precise moment that ripe coffee cherry is harvested. In this course, we learn about …

Course: 82 lessons in 9 chapters
Certification: Yes

The Decision Tree

Barista Hustle has commenced work on a free course to help baristas and cafe owners make informed decisions on how to operate in a world beset by climate change. The intention of the course is to put readers in the driver’s seat.

This course is in production and can be accessed with a BH Unlimited subscription. New lessons are added biweekly.

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