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P 7.04 – Brew Price Calculator

You will notice when viewing the BH Brew Price Calculator that our batch-brewed example only comes in at between 2 and 3% staff cost per minute of preparation. This is extremely low; there is little wonder batch-brewed coffee has become widely adopted in the specialty coffee market place in recent years. In our view, the key figure to focus on when looking into appropriate pricing for percolation coffee is the Contribution to Profit. This figure can be compared to the sales figures you achieve when brewing espressos to ensure you are achieving a profitable contribution, anytime you redeploy a barista from the espresso bar onto the brewbar. If you are contemplating positioning a barista in a full-time role on the brewbar, then we recommend running some projected sales figures through the Staff Cost Per Labour Dollar formula we discuss in depth in the Advanced Coffee Making course. This gives you a look at the bigger picture of staff costs vs contributions to profit across a whole shift.