The Espresso Machine

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Generating Pressure

EM 2.06 Recap and Glossary


  • In Turin in 1909, Luigi Giarlotto developed the first espresso machine that included a water pump. 
  • Machine designs by Guido Snider and Marius Malausséna featured heat exchange and multi boiler capabilities, running on both gas and electricity. 
  • Tests by Barista Hustle suggest that machines as early as the 1920s would have been able to produce persistent, long lasting crema.
  • Electric pumps were not employed on a machine until much later. Beniamino described the first known electric pump used on a coffee maker in his patent from 1950 for a machine called the Cordor.  
  • In his 1910 patent, Pier Teresio Arduino described a batch-brewing group head to a large-scale upright boiler design with the first known screw piston for pressing the water out of the group head.