IM 7.01 Static Immersion Baseline

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With help from the global network of BH Coaches, we have created a series of scoresheets designed to assess your practical skill and efficiency in immersion brewing. These sheets form the basis of the BH Baseline Testing program — our system of practical lessons and certifications in barista techniques. Because many of the brew methods covered in this course are complex and nuanced, we designed a unique scoresheet for each category of immersion brewing.

We begin our testing with static immersion brewing, which includes cupping, jug coffee, and the French press. The most important part of this testing process is your initial presentation to your coach. We ask baristas to state their recipe and their intended approach to the brew method — specifically, the dose, brew water weight, brew water temperature, total contact time, as well as any factors unique to your approach, such as preheating, room-temperature water, target temperature, and amount of agitation. A Coach will expect you to reproduce you stated intentions during your allotted testing time.

This test requires baristas to prepare three separate brews, using exactly the same recipe each time. Coaches look for consistency in your timings and techniques. For example, you should aim to break the crust after the same time interval has passed for each cup. If you took 20 seconds to add water to the first cup before you began pouring water into the second cup, we expect you to allow exactly the same 20-second interval between breaking the crust of Brew 2 and Brew 3. 

Note: The five practical tests outlined in this chapter are not part of the certification for this online course. We are publishing them here as a guide to best practice in Immersion brew methods, and to serve you as a primer for anyone wishing to attend a practical certification event with a BH Coach. To find an event near you, just check out the Coaching Calendar as well as our Coaching directory here.


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