Barista One

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B1 Prologue

B1 0.01 – Notes to Trainers and Students

Note to Trainers

This course does not teach why; it teaches how. The objective of Barista One is to set the baseline for professional standards and to lay out the exact expectations for earning a wage as a barista. In this course we don’t teach you how to design a recipe; instead, we drill you in exactly how to follow a recipe and what to do when things go wrong.

We go into detail in training all the physical aspects of shot-making and pouring drinks. Trainees will learn the complete mechanics of the barista trade. We show you how to avoid injuries and how to organise yourself. We teach you the nomenclature of the trade. All the relevant part names and drink specifications are covered here in detail.

After completing each chapter of the Barista One coursework, all the desired outcomes are tested, in seven comprehension tests and one uber-quiz. This assessment process provides trainees with a thorough induction to life on-bar. Through our training portal, trainers/managers who have enrolled their staff will see exactly what knowledge areas need work and what the trainee is already comfortable with. The results of each assessment provide a transparent readout of the areas that still need work.

We think this system will make life more secure and safe for the trainees because it serves as an induction for life on-bar. We also see great time savings for trainers who, through this filter, can identify exactly where the weaknesses and strengths lie for new staff.

Note to Students

If you are navigating this course independently, then we are happy to report you are not alone. The course structure has been designed to ensure anyone leaving this course has enough support to step into a commercial environment that produces espresso anywhere in the world and operate equipment and navigate recipes with confidence. We are there in our moderated forums to make sure any concerns you may have are met. Also, the troubleshooting content in this coursework together with our new Knowledge Base tool in the BH Unlimited forum are intended to act as the mortar between the bricks.