B1 6.06 – Cold Brew

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Cold Brew

Looking After Cold Brew

Cold brew has become so popular in the last decade that even if your cafe doesn’t offer this product, you will certainly be asked about it. In most cases, cold brew is made by steeping coffee grinds in cold water for several hours. If your cafe buys cold brew from a supplier, it could be that this product has a long shelf life through the ultra-heat treatment process. If this is the case, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated to stay safe to drink for several months. You will need to periodically check the use-by date, however. Other cold brews may be pasteurised, and these will last only a little longer than a week. These need to be stored in the refrigerator.

Many cafes make their own cold brew, sometimes bottling it themselves. Often this is not heat treated, which means it will last only a couple of days, even if refrigerated. Care needs to be given to tracking batch numbers and ensuring good stock rotation. This means moving the most recently brewed bottles to the back of the refrigerator and removing any cold brew that has passed its use-by date.

It is important to be aware that as a barista you have legal responsibilities as a food handler that are independent to the responsibilities of your employer. It is essential that you demonstrate responsible conduct and due caution where potential contamination or spoilage of food is concerned.  

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