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B1 6.07 – Recap and Glossary

Recap and Glossary



  • Espresso first attained a layer of crema in the late 1940s, after the invention of the lever machine.
  • Oils in espresso cause the bubbles in espresso to break up quickly.
  • Because of the layer of crema, the volume of espresso is greater than its mass. We have provided a rough conversion formula.
  • Ristrettos are a shorter, stronger style of espresso that requires a specific protocol. We advise you to reduce the beverage weight by a specific amount that all the baristas on a team adhere to. If your cafe doesn’t use drip-tray scales, we advise you to reduce the shot time by a specific amount. Your machine may allow for a volume preset to be used for ristretto shots.
  • Bypass is used to dilute espressos to make americanos and long blacks.
  • It is important to know a large range of drink names, even if they are not on your own cafe’s menu, in order to easily help customers order the beverage they want.
  • Attention needs to be given to the maintenance of the ice used for ice beverages. It should be very cold, not floating in water, and easily accessible on-bar.
  • Ensure that cold-brewed products are within their use-by date, particularly if they have not been heat treated.



Ambient stability  A measure of the length of time an unrefrigerated food can remain safe to consume

Americano  A ‘longer’ drink prepared with espresso and additional hot water; its concentration of coffee flavor is similar to that of filter coffee.

Batch number  A tracking number assigned to products to help food handlers keep track of when they were produced

Bypass  Water added to a coffee drink; it has not been passed through the coffee bed

Cafe blanco  (see Latte)

Cappuccino  Approximately a 1:3/1:4 ratio of espresso and steamed milk with an aeration percentage of 50–66%;