B1 7.01 – Efficiency Structures

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Efficiency Structures


Baseline Testing – Setting a Baseline for Efficiency Standards and Drinks Presentation


There are some conventions in the barista craft for how long it is reasonable to expect a barista to take to prepare shots and to portion, steam, and pour milk. We present here some efficiency structures we use at Barista Hustle to set minimum standards. As your experience grows, so too will your efficiency and familiarity with the equipment, so our time targets are tiered at three levels: for the trainee barista, for the barista,  and for the senior barista.

These scoresheets are similar to what you may encounter in the World Barista Championships and include technical prerequisites and visual presentation standards. We are not after efficiency alone; we are trying to gauge your index of quality and efficiency. Use these scoresheets to help you and your colleagues ascertain whether you have achieved a baseline in your development as a barista.


Baseline Drills

Follow this link to download the PDF of the Baseline Scoresheet: BH Baseline Testing Scoresheet Master – A4 RGB – Blue v1

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