B1 6.03 – Espresso with Milk

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Espresso with Milk

Smaller Drinks: Learning to Prepare Beverages Smaller than 120 ml

Customers choose an item from this smaller category of milk-based espresso drinks when they want to experience a prominent espresso flavour. But they are also looking for some enhanced texture and some reduction in acidity and bitterness.

At Barista Hustle, we don’t advocate preparing a specific style of milk for any drink in this category. If you follow the two rules from Lesson 4.2, you can make all these drinks successfully.

It is essential that baristas know the names and recipes for every drink on their menu. Beyond this, we advise that you learn the names of many drinks that are not on your menu, too. This is because the same drink goes by many different names in the coffee world. Here is a chart that lists the drinks in the ‘smaller’ category and their synonyms.



Ask First

With the smallest drinks on the menu it can be wise to ask customers exactly how they like these drinks prepared. Many people prefer milk foam only (not liquid milk) for their macchiatos. This will require you to spoon the foam onto the surface.


Larger Drinks >120 ml: Learning to Prepare Larger Milk-based Beverages


For larger drinks, (except for the cappuccino) you can prepare the same kind of foam for every drink. Simply follow the steps described in Lesson 4.2, and you will be able to successfully produce every drink discussed in this lesson. Customers who choose a longer drink expect a rich, creamy texture and a serving temperature that is appropriate for a longer-lasting drink. If you serve a drink that is quite cool to start with, it is likely that after only a couple of minutes this longer drink will seem too cool to the customer.

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