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Modern Scoring Systems

CQC 5.04 The BH Cupping Protocols

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In this lesson, we are introducing a new scoring system for specialty coffee designed for coffee people looking to judge the quality of brewed coffee, conduct roast assessments, or grade specialty coffee on a 100-point scale. Here’s a breakdown of features:

  • A 100-point system
  • Designed for quality control and training for any brew method
  • Ten scoring categories, each scored out of 10 with a resolution of 0.1
  • Three scores for aromatic properties (aroma, flavour, and aftertaste
  • Three for taste (sweetness, acidity and bitterness)
  • Three for tactile properties (weight, texture, and afterfeel)
  • A balance score brings the total to 100
  • No points deductions
  • No ‘overall’ score — because it’s ridiculous having an overall score




Download the document and scoresheets here! It is a 26-page guide on How to Set up a Cupping and How to Score using this new system. The protocols walk you through every step in preparing a cupping as well as providing the definitions and references for how every scoring category was constructed. There are so many innovations described in this document that we made this film to make it easier to digest all the information. 



Cupping Form

There are two formats for the scoresheet: one in landscape mode and another in portrait mode. In both layouts, the scores have been arranged vertically to make it easy to tally up your scores at the end of a cupping session. Each scoring category in the vertical arrangement is roomier than in the landscape-mode design and should suit cuppers who prefer to make a lot of notes. The landscape mode is more compact and has been designed for the needs of roasters and buyers with a lot of coffees to get through in each session. Its scoresheet fits more coffees on one page.

This new cupping system is research based and draws upon references taken from 26 reference books, as well as research papers. It has been designed to be intuitive and logical. For example, if you score 8.5 in each of the ten scoring categories, you get a coffee that scores 85 points — it’s that simple. 


Download the document and scoresheets here!



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