MSLA 5.05 – Recap and Glossary

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  • Eddies form in the cup when the milk pours at high flow rates. To use eddies to your advantage in producing smooth, symmetrical designs, it is important to position the spout of your milk pitcher squarely above the north-south axis of the canvas.

  • The monk’s head is the simplest design in the latte art lexicon and a suitable place to begin teaching latte art. The heart design requires the milk pitcher manoeuvre of cutting and use of the ‘off switch’.

  • The tulip design is a natural extension of the heart pattern, bringing into play the pushing technique.

  • The heart-in-a-heart design introduces a high-speed version of pushing that we call turbo. In this way, it is the perfect follow-on from the tulip pattern, as it achieves a similar effect with greater efficiency.

  • We structured the learning process across this chapter so that each new design introduces one new milk pitcher manoeuvre. This gradual stepping up in the complexity of your patterns helps you to more quickly encode the muscle memory required for each design.


Bull’s-eye  The central point in a cup — like the centre target of a dart board

Eddies  Circulating currents running counter to the flow of a main current

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