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A Final Word

In 2016, a collaboration among World Coffee Research, the Kansas State University Sensory Analysis Center, and Texas A&M University resulted in a document that describes all the perceived coffee flavours available in coffee today. This Milk Science and Latte Art course takes its inspiration from that research.

Barista Hustle conducted an exhaustive examination of latte art techniques in the world today and across the 26-year history of this art form. We engineered a new system of learning that subdivides latte art designs into their component parts. Our reference section details these techniques and the variations in the ergonomics of achieving these complex motor tasks. It is our hope that this Latte Art Lexicon will grow and evolve as the community of latte artists pushes this art form into new realms.

The Barista Hustle community forum, together with our BH Learn platform, is dedicated to netting these new developments and keeping this document contemporary. As new designs emerge, we will track them in ‘expansion packs’ which profile new designs, and we will include them in our Latte Art Lexicon. In this way, we hope to preserve, nurture, and safeguard a broad knowledge of latte art techniques.

Congratulations to all of you, graduates of Milk Science and Latte Art. Thank you for joining our journey to the boundaries of coffee.


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