MSLA 7.01 – Latte Art Lexicon

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Latte Art Lexicon

In 2016, the coffee world celebrated the arrival of the first sensory lexicon of coffee. This was a landmark achievement — years in the making — to create a statistically verifiable branch of knowledge for the flavours of brewed coffee. In an attempt to recreate a lexicon for latte art, Barista Hustle conducted an exhaustive examination of contemporary latte art techniques in the world today, across the 26-year history of this art form.

Over the last three chapters we’ve introduced to you in written form the milk pitcher manoeuvres that fit together to form advanced designs. Now we will show you visually how to fit these manoeuvres together, using iconography and colour as coordinates for a new map of the latte art world. Welcome to the Latte Art Lexicon.

In this series of posters, we walk you through how the lexicon can help you reverse-engineer impressive new latte art patterns.

The Latte Art Lexicon

Latte Art Designs

Using the Lexicon — Deconstructing Designs

By now, we’ve traversed all the techniques needed to produce the contemporary range of free-pour latte art. Every latte art pattern uses a combination of these manoeuvres. As you begin to contemplate the world of advanced, multi-element patterns, we hope the skills you have learned will help you rapidly add new designs to your repertoire. They should no longer be a challenging mashup of arm movements. Even the most incredible patterns, can be broken down into distinct elements, each of which you can encode into your motor memory.

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