P 7.02 - Базовое тестирование

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Baseline Testing - Efficiency

In these two time-lapse videos, we track Matt as he prepares a pour-over coffee and a batch brew. The charts can be used a means of establishing a baseline for efficiency in the workplace. We have structured the routine in an order that allows for the maximum перекрытие of tasks. By перекрытие we mean, for example, that when a function in the routine takes time to complete – such as the rinse water draining out of the filter paper – we take that opportunity to grind the coffee. It might increase efficiency by only a few seconds, but across a whole shift it can reduce wait times by minutes. Фаза сокращения разливов и порционных напитков дает бариста много времени для перекрытие. При варке партиями процесс вытеснения занимает около 2 минут, и нет необходимости наблюдать за завершением процесса.
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