ACM 2.07 – Introducing the BH Tool Kit

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The BH Tool Kit

This uber spreadsheet will help you manage coffee quality, manipulate variables on the fly, and adjust your brewing recipes effortlessly. It contains all the calculators we think you will need to navigate this certification process. Beyond this, we hope you will take away these instruments to navigate your way more efficiently. That’s why we’ve put them all together in the same place.

When needed throughout the course, we’ll help you pull up the right sheet. As the course progresses, we will offer you all the explanation of how to get the most out of each calculator and form you find in here. We hope you find this stuff as helpful as we do.

The Advanced Coffee Making Toolkit. Edit blue numbers only. 

This sheet contains the coffee algebra formulas in handy calculator form, followed by two calculators to figure out how much water to use for long blacks, americanos, or dilution for taste and calibration purposes. They’re all quite self-explanatory, and we’re sure it will become a staple part of your experimental workflow.

We will dive deeper into all these sheets in further chapters!

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