ACM 7.06 – Scoring

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Barista Hustle has developed a comprehensive scoring system to help cafes and roasteries manage quality. This 100-point scoring system is suitable for espresso, brewing coffee, and cupping methods. For a complete guide to this and all the modern scoring systems, we recommend you enrol in the Cafe Quality Control course after you complete the final assessment. Here is a link to read and download the Barista Hustle Cupping Protocols. 

Good QC protocols for cafes and roasteries should include guidelines on efficiency and ingredient costs. For example, we advise you to determine a limit for the number of espresso shots you will use in a written protocol so that you can find a balance between fastidiousness and wastefulness. If you are familiar with your grinder, you should be able to get it performing the way you need with no more than four test shots. To prepare and score four espresso shots with refractive indexes should require no more than 15 minutes of staff time. Similarly, a well-structured cupping with 6–10 samples should only require 30 minutes to set up, taste and record your scores in a journal. 

For a complete guide on how to cup, how to manage quality in a cafe or roastery, and a detailed look at all the modern scoring systems, we recommend you enrol yourself on the Cafe Quality Control course.

BH Cupping Protocols

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