Advanced Coffee Making

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ACM 4.11 – The Shop Grinder for Espresso and Filter

The Shop Grinder for Espresso and Filter

A Shop Grinder 

In recent years, grinders that were developed for more industrial or supermarket applications (or even as high volume spice grinders) have been re-deployed as hybrid coffee grinders. This has allowed cafes to operate their entire service (filter, espresso and bag grinding) with just the one grinder. This has allowed cafes to offer a diverse range of coffees but comes with one significant drawback: it is a much more labour intensive system to use in a busy coffee shop, usually requiring baristas to manually pre-portion doses.

Most grinders in this class have a vertical grinding system (the blades are upright) promoting a low retention of grinds within the grinder itself — less than 1g of grind retention is achievable with this design.