IM 3.04 وصفة باستخدام المكبس الفرنسي

إستعراض مجاني

تم تصميم هذه الوصفة لتحقيق أكثر عمليات الاستخلاص تكافؤًا وفعالية باستخدام المكبس الفرنسي. وقد تم تطوير هذه الوصفة لتمنحنا المظهر الأكثر شفافية وشعور الفم الأكثر سلاسة.

في هذا الفيديو، تُوضح مدربة باريستا هاسل، جوليا باريرا دينيز، طريقتنا المفضلة في تحضير المشروبات باستخدام المكبس الفرنسي.


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  1. Leakey Drug

    Thanks for the video! So after 5 mins of creating crust then stir, wait another 8 minutes, then plunge and wait another 3 minutes? That seems like the final brew will be lukewarm at best after all’s said and done, no? Thanks for clarifying!

    • BHLearn

      Hi, thanks for posting. The time splits mentioned in this lesson refer to the amount of time measured from the moment you begin the brewing process — i.e., from when the hot water first hits the coffee. For example, when we say ‘break the crust after five minutes’, and ‘plunge after eight minutes’, we are suggesting you should break the curst five minutes into the brewing process; and then plunge eight minutes into the brewing process. Hope that clears things up for you. BH

  2. andrew.millsom

    So, I am loving the results I’m getting with this recipe. What’s the purpose of the two minute ‘resting’ time after plunging though? I can see the theory behind everything else in the recipe, but not that.

    • BHLearn

      Hi andrew.millsom. I’m glad you’re enjoying the french press recipe. The two minutes resting is intended to allow a little time for undissolved solids that may have been churned up while you were plunging, to settle back down onto the coffee bed. Generally, the less turbid you can make your french press, the better. You may find that waiting four or five minutes after plunging could achieve an even tastier brew. BH

    • BHLearn

      Hi chye.zhi shueng, in the French Press video, we’re recommending a crust break at 5 min, then waiting a further 3 minutes before plunging — just to allow some on the solids to settle down onto the coffee bed. BH

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