The Coffee Buyer’s Guide to Brazil

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Minas Gerais

CBGB 1.08 Recap and Glossary

  • Brazil’s land area is twice that of the European Union
  • The Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association recognises 33 coffee-growing regions, and 10 of these hold protected geographical indications
  • The state of Minas Gerais produces 70% of Brazil’s arabica, most of which is grown in the southern region, called Sul de Minas
  • Mantiqueira de Minas is a sub-region of Sul de Minas that earned a Denominação de Origem (DO) in 2020. This region includes the well-known microregion Carmo de Minas.
  • Cerrado Mineiro, in the west of Minas Gerais, was the first coffee-producing region in Brazil to be awarded a Denominação de Origem (DO).