The Coffee Buyer’s Guide to Brazil

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CBGB – Growing, Harvesting, and Processing

CBGB 5.09 Recap and Glossary


  • Brazil is known for its large farms, but nearly 60% of the arabica coffee produced in in the country is grown by smallholders.
  • Brazilian farms are characterised by technified, full-sun production. Coffee trees are planted at high densities, in widely spaced rows to allow harvesting machinery to pass between them.
  • Coffee in Brazil is mainly mechanically harvested or strip-picked. Brazil has high labour costs, flat terrain in coffee-growing regions, and uniform ripening thanks to predictable rainfall patterns — all factors that favour mechanical harvesting.
  • The mechanical coffee harvester was invented in Brazil in 1979 by Shunji Nishimura.
  • Certain cultivars, such as Mundo Novo, Yellow Caturra, and Catuaí,