The Coffee Buyer’s Guide to Brazil

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CBGB – Varieties

CBGB 6.06 Recap and Glossary

  • The vast majority of coffee grown in Brazil today consists of strains of Catuaí and Mundo Novo.
  • Many important varieties emerged spontaneously in Brazil, including Yellow Bourbon, famed for its cup quality; the first dwarf variety Caturra; and the high-yielding Mundo Novo.
  • Thanks to its high yield potential, Caturra has given rise to many more important varieties, including Catuaí and the rust-resistant Catimor strains.
  • Further rust-resistant varieties developed in Brazil include the Sarchimor derivatives Tupi and Obatã and the novel canephora hybrids Icatu and Catiguá.
  • Since 2001, Brazil’s Cultivar Protection Law has applied to coffee,