The Coffee Buyer’s Guide to Brazil

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Rondônia, Rio de Janeiro, and Other Regions

CBGB 4.10 Mato Grosso

Harvest: April–June
Elevation: 170–600 metres (560–1,970 feet) above sea level
Rainfall: 2,300–2,700 millimetres (91–106 inches)
Temperature: 25–28°C (77–83°F)

Coffee-growing areas in Mato Grosso

Mato Grosso, meaning ‘thick forest’ in Portuguese, is a vast state in Brazil’s Centre-West, at its border with Bolivia. The landscape is dominated by the Amazon rainforest in the north and the cerrado drylands in the south. It has one of the lowest population densities of any Brazilian state, but is an important agricultural producer. Mato Grosso is the largest producer of soya, maize, and cotton in Brazil and is home to more cattle than any other state.

A soybean farm at the edge of Xingu Indigenous Park,