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Продвинутый Курс по Приготовлению Кофе

Курс и Сертификация

Этот курс и сертификация предназначены для кофейных профессионалов или домашних бариста, желающих улучшить и расширить свои текущие знания о кофе. Этот курс предоставит Вам необходимые инструменты и информацию для более глубокого понимания экстракции и равномерного распределения. К концу курса Вы повысите свою сенсорную осведомленность и поймете, что стоит за тем, что мы пробуем, и как это нужно пробовать - все это поможет Вам приготовить лучший кофе за стойкой бара или дома.

77 индивидуальных уроков и 26 подробных видеообъяснений проведут Вас через трудные для понимания концепции и предоставят практические упражнения, которые Вы можете выполнить самостоятельно. За каждой главой следует короткий и сложный тест на понимание. Вы также получите удобный набор калькуляторов, таблиц и плакатов для личного пользования. Успешное выполнение сложного итогового теста приведет к получению сертификата Barista Hustle Advanced Coffee Making. Чтобы увидеть полную программу курса - нажмите здесь!

Все наши курсы и сертификаты доступны через BH Unlimited в виде ежемесячной подписки или покупки одного курса, что даст Вам бессрочный доступ к нему!

Price: USD 149,-

Introduction to ACM

Продвинутый Курс по Приготовлению Кофе

BH Unlimited - Individual

$USD  15.00 / мес. с бесплатным пробным периодом 14-дневный

BH Unlimited - Up to 5 Baristas

$USD  69.00 / мес.

BH Unlimited Team 20

$USD  99.00 / мес.

BH Unlimited Team 50

$USD  199.00 / мес.

BH Unlimited Team 100

$USD  299.00 / мес.

BH Unlimited - Annual Plan

$USD  145.00 / год

BH Unlimited Team 20 - Annual Plan

$USD  950.00 / год

Advanced Coffee Making - Course & Certification

77 individual lessons and 25 in-depth video explanations will walk you through what it takes to manage quality behind the bar. This is a course specifically for training head baristas and senior staff and cafe owners. Each chapter is followed by a short and challenging comprehension test. You’ll also gain a handy toolkit of calculators, spreadsheets, and posters for your own use. Successful completion of the challenging final assessment will result in an Advanced Coffee Making Certification.

$USD  149.00
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What happens after I buy the course?
After purchase, you will gain a membership on this website granting you access to the course.

Is the course online?
Yes, the course is 100% online! All you need is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. You don’t need to be in Australia to take the course.

How long does it take to complete the course?
The course will take maximum 30 hours if you include text, video explanations, assessments, and at-home experiments.

What do I get?
You get lifetime access to seven chapters, 26 in-depth videos, a downloadable “toolkit”, and a Barista Hustle Accredited Certificate upon completion of the course.

How hard is the course?
The course is challenging but far from impossible to study and comprehend. The videos dive into more difficult concepts and explain them further. The comprehensive tests at the end of each chapter will also help you to apply these concepts to everyday coffee making.

What if I have questions?
Email us at [email protected] and we’ll answer your questions as quickly as possible!

What is the certification process?
You have to complete each lesson and comprehension test, then pass the final assessment (85% or higher) to achieve certification. Proof of certification will be located on your learner profile on the BH site. You’ll be able to access your certificate and will be able to share it with prospective employers. Your certificate is also printable and keeps its unique security ID.

Can I share the course with my friends?
Each user will have to pay for their own access to the course. We reserve the right to limit the number of IP addresses that access the course for each account and revoke access.

Is there live tutoring or webinars available?
In our efforts to make this course affordable and accessible to all Baristas, we’ve opted to make the content always accessible and non-interactive.

How long do I have access?
You pay once and have lifetime access.

Do I have to be a Barista Hustle subscriber to take the course?
Nope! Anyone can buy access to the course.

Can I retake the test if I don’t pass?
You have unlimited resits on the test.

Is it mobile-friendly?

What’s the refund policy?
If you’re not happy with the course, we’ll give you a full refund. Simple.

Will I learn how to make better cold brew?
We provide the tools and information needed to make better coffee all around, but there isn’t a chapter on cold brew, no.

Do I need an espresso machine, refractometer, or any other special equipment?
No. We’ve designed this course to help everyone that makes coffee, regardless of their equipment. Some experiments will be difficult to execute without a refractometer, but the vast majority of the course will still be relevant.

Is it suitable for beginner-level home or service baristas?
If you’ve never made a coffee before or don’t regularly drink coffee, this course is not for you. If you’re just starting your coffee journey, read through our blog of free resources first to become familiar with some of the basic concepts that lay the foundation for this course. If you are familiar with our blog, this is definitely for you!

Is it only offered in English?
For now, yes. We are working on making translations available in several languages later on down the line. Stay tuned!

The course is limited to one IP address. Can I sign in from multiple devices?
Yes! Multiple devices or locations are okay, but we’re mainly on the lookout for large scale abuse.

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